Un-SQL Friday: Your Tech Giants #UNSQL

Un-SQL Friday

For my inaugural #TSQL2sday post, I looked up *techie* in the dictionary to follow the intent of the hostess.  @MidnightDBA is hosting Un-SQL Friday: Your Tech Giants as well however this time I will be venturing off the path a bit. 

Giants Come in Many Forms

We all have people who help us and hopefully we thank them often enough that they continue enjoying to help us.  It is easy to show SQL Server folks appreciation because we interact with them person-to-person.  What about SQL Server institutions? Don’t they deserve a little love?  There are too many giant people to list and the same is true for giant institutions but here are two (homonym hat trick) that deserve a ❤ 

The Definitive Global Community for SQL Server Professionals

Simply put @sqlpass is the reason I cannot see myself moving on to a different technology.  Not everyone has the same level of affection and that is cool too because it only means we are not all likeminded robots.  I have been an attendee, a volunteer and even had a company include training expenses to SQL PASS Summit in a job offer.  I accepted it, of course! ❤

A Central Hub for the SQL Server Community

When SQL Server first entered into my life we had *many* issues to work through and I often turned to @SQLServerCentrl for help.  In fact it is the only site I am still going to eight years later for SQL Server content.  And as if that weren’t enough, they also give me cool swag, throw me parties and continue to be there for me like a brother. ❤

We’re Not Worthy

To all you SQL Server tech giants in all your forms, please accept my humblest apologies if you aren’t getting your well deserved love.  Thank you for the tremendous help and hopefully you feel it is energy well spent. And Now: The Beatles


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