[humor] Get-SqlServerPerformanceMagicEightBallSolution (CC @anonythemouse)

function Get-SqlServerPerformanceMagicEightBallSolution


$UniversalSolutions = @()

$UniversalSolutions += “Reboot the server”

$UniversalSolutions += “Scale-up your hardware”

$UniversalSolutions += “Denormalize for performance”

$UniversalSolutions += “Must be a memory leak”

$UniversalSolutions += “Maybe it needs a second reboot”

$UniversalSolutions += “Hire SQLSkills”

$UniversalSolutions += “Just keep adding indexes”

$UniversalSolutions += “Tweet how do i speed up sql? #sqlhelp”

$UniversalSolutions += “Open a Microsoft Support incident”

$UniversalSolutions += “Maybe it needs a third reboot”

$UniversalSolutions | Get-Random





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