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The Rambling
There was a long blogging break this month due to unfortunate events with loved ones.  After some introspection, I have decided to write a future post on how those events changed my personal philosophy.  Additionally, I have decided to try a more scaled down approach to sharing SQL Server content.  Taking a few tricks from other bloggers, sharing will be in the form of a weekly post with categories and short introductions.   This should feed you baby birds…

Wednesday Weekly 2011-26

Sucking the Marrow
Trace flag 2301 and optimizer Early Termination…Make the Optimizer Work Harder
Trace flag 1224 and lock escalation…SQL Server Lock Escalation and Blocking

Geeks Wanna Have Fun
SQLKaraoke prelude…Let’s Get Registered! Registered!

Family Gossip
Joseph Sack handing reigns to Robert Davis…Announcing the new SQL MCM Program Manager
New MCM…Please welcome Ryan M. Lence to the SQL Server MCM Community
Interview about SQLServerCentral.com founder…Andy Warren
Some insider information on SQL PASS elections…PASS Update #58 (Elections)

What Say Ye?
Read or share ideas about learning SQL Server…Where do you get your SQL Server knowledge?
What is a Bachelor’s degree worth…My Name is Andy and I Have an Associates of Applied Science Degree
Survey on finding best practices…Where Do You Go for Authoritative SQL Server Best Practices?

SQL Server Surfing
Saleem Hakani started building something this year…SQL Server Community

Content Collage
SQL blogger articles and well as many videos…SQL Server “Denali”
Summary of detailed articles on SQL Server security in general…Securing the Data Warehouse
Links and information on learning…Getting Ahead and Getting Involved

SELECT DatabaseName, MBUsed, MBEmpty…Performance issues from wasted buffer pool memory
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[ServerWaitsHistory]…SQLDIY / Management.GatherServerWaits.sql

M$ Says
Unfamiliar with Utility Control Points…Overview of SQL Server Utility
Want a peek at SQL Server PowerShell…Running SQL Server PowerShell
Need help with troubleshooting SQL Server installations…How to: View and Read SQL Server Setup Log Files

Future Proofing
Leadership Information Week article links…Growing Leaders

No Reading Required
Eleven minute Denail video…TechNet Radio: IT Time–What’s New in SQL Server Code Name “Denali” (Part 3 of 3)–Blain Barton
Fifteen minute VLF video…What are Virtual log files – VLF in SQL server – video


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