Wednesday Weekly #sqlserver Links for 2011-27

After being repeatedly warned
More NOLOCK concerns…What does WITH (NOLOCK) actually mean
Caution switching between UNION and OR…Converting OR to UNION
No support for databases on mount point root…Using Mount Points with SQL Server

Sucking the Marrow
Information on record format…The mystery of the NULL bitmap mask
Information on a heap forwarding record format…Anatomy of a forwarded record – the back pointer
Undocumented aggregate function…Undocumented Query Plans: The ANY Aggregate
Snapshots and double memory usage…Surprising memory usage with database snapshots

Skinning Cats
The PowerShell way to run asynchronous restores…PowerShell Eventing and SQL Server Restores
Are your keyboard or mouse skills faster…SSMS keyboard shortcuts – Part 2
Some additional ideas on measuring SQL Performance…Understanding Benchmarks

Microsoft Visual Studio product to compete with Access…Turnkey with LightSwitch
Windows 7 feature for recording GUI actions as screenshots…Problem Steps Recorder
Demo of a 300% IO boost over SSD…SQL Server on steroids with RAM disk

Content Collage
Great statistics links and a script to boot…SQLDIY: Statistics Information Including Last Update
Plenty o’links to BOL and other blogs on designing a SQL solution…70-450 Study Guide
Some top ten lists from people in the know…Top 10 Lists

Hopefully you already use Glenn Berry’s diagnostic queries…July 2011 Version of SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Queries

M$ Says
52-page whitepaper from SQLCAT on latches…Diagnosing and Resolving Latch Contention on SQL Server
28-page whitepaper from SQLCAT on spinlocks…Diagnosing and Resolving Spinlock Contention on SQL Server

Future Proofing
New training event from 18 – 20 Aug 2011 in North Carolina…SQL Solstice
July 13th Idera webcast on tempdb…Secrets of SQL Server Webcast: TempDB: Performance and Manageability

No Reading Required
One-hour twelve minute long session…The T-SQL Cookbook: What’s Cool in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and New in SQL Server Code-Named “Denali”

Geeks Wanna Have Fun
My Cousin Vinny SQL Spoof…Why Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei Should Attend The SQL PASS Summit
Picture of six heirarchies…Tech Company Org Charts
Suspicious Oracle file name…Oracle is “evil”: that’s official

Family Gossip
Karla Landrum hired by PASS HQ…New and Familiar Faces at PASS HQ
Some more insider information on SQL PASS elections…PASS Election Process 2011
Interview of SQL PASS Board Member…An Interview with PASS Director, Allen Kinsel
New SQL MVP Margarita Naumova…Microsoft MVP Award – July 2011 !
New SQL MVP Jen Stirrup…MVP Award: Thank you Microsoft and the SQL Server Community
New SQL MVP Karen Lopez…Something Wonderful: MVP

What Say Ye?
Question on how to increase number and training of SQL leaders…Growing Our Next Generation of Leaders
SQLServerCentral survey…SSC Database Size Survey
DBA Survey…July Question: What Do You Think are the Most Common DBA Pain Points?
Snapshot Survey…Survey: do you use database snapshots?

SQL Surfing
Damir Bersinic gets a new site going…TechDays Online


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