Wednesday Weekly #sqlserver Links for 2011-28

Future Proofing
Must read, no seriously read this… Building Your DBA Skillset
Heres some nice help for your next presentation… How to Make a Presentation: Writing Versus PowerPoint
Title says it all… List of Free PowerShell eBooks
Ideas for moving you from good to great…5 Ways to Be a More Effective DBA Today

Sucking the Marrow
Case of parallelism that uses less CPU… Bitmap Magic
New T-SQL functionality in service pack…SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1–new table hint options for FORCESEEK and FORECSCAN
For not recommended the number of hints has grown… Tips for using SQL Server 2008 Query Hints

Content Collage
SQLCAT never fails to impress… Top 10 Lists
Cool list of IO measurements and thresholds… Troubleshooting Slow Disk I-O in SQL Server

CREATE PROCEDURE <ProcedureName, sysname, > AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON;… My stored procedure code template
SELECT Wait Type, Wait Count, Wait Time, Resource Wait, Signal Wait… Capturing wait stats for a single operation

A security trick that might be handy… Think Your Windows Administrators Don’t Have Access to SQL Server 2008 by Default? Think Again.
How to keep registry ACLs in order… Canonical ACLs You said wwwhhat
Its like they can read you mind… Why is a DBA so skeptical about your developers… part 1

No Reading Required
14 minutes of time well spent on performance dashboard… What’s Performance Dashboard and how it can help in troublehsooting SQL issues.
1 hour 17 minutes of powershell sql server… Practical PowerShell & SQL

What Say Ye?
Great way to share and learn… Learning From the Mistakes of Other DBAs
Interesting training concept… We Need a DBA Boot Camp

SQL Surfing
Pradeep Adiga celebrates his blog’s one year birthday… SQL DBA Diaries of Pradeep Adiga

Family Gossip
The fun backstory on SQLChicken… Jorge Segarra
@ChirayRoy becomes SQL MCM…Please Welcome New SQL Server 2008 MCM Chirag Roy 

Geeks Wanna Have Fun
Tweeting Safety… In case of fire – exit building before tweeting about it!
SQLstrology Readings… Meme Monday for July

M$ Says
What permissions are required for MSSQLSERVER… Setting Up Windows Service Accounts

After being repeatedly warned
SQL Server memory paged out… Ultra-high CPU Usage
Mount points not retaining permissions… Mount point permission issues

Skinning Cats
Find the offending T-SQL Line… SSMS Trick
Multiple schema compare tools… Compare database schema (Part 1)

Zero Emission Denail
Get some OS info…SQL Server v.Next (Denali) : CTP3 is here!!!
Get some BOL info…Install me next… Denali CTP3 Books Online
Get some features info…CTP3 is Here! Five Things to Know About the Next Version of SQL Server
Get some Cmdlet info…New PowerShell Cmdlets in SQL Denali CTP3
Get some PBM info…SQL Server Denali CTP3: Policy Based Management
Get some marketing fluff AND the bits…SQL Server Code Name “Denali” CTP3 and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 are HERE!
Get some T-SQL info…SQL Server Code Name “Denali” CTP 3 T-SQL Features


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