Wednesday Weekly #sqlserver Links for 2011-29

EXEC DatabaseBackup/DatabaseIntegrityCheck/IndexOptimize…SQL Server 2005 and 2008 – Backup, Integrity Check and Index Optimization
INSERT #FindDupes…Kimberly L. Tripp  How can you tell if an index is REALLY a duplicate
### SCRIPT GENERATES INI FILES… – Blog – Creating A Clustered SQL Install ini File Using PowerShell–Part 3
WITH CachedPlansCTE…How to query the cached plans XML «

Sucking the Marrow
Sniffing some packets…What does my SQL Server data look like over the wire
Did you know there is a minimum number of VLFs…The Curious Case of the un-droppable transaction log file
Performance concerns when Implicit Converts and now when no Explicit Converts!…Paul White Page Free Space  Join Performance, Implicit Conversions, and Residuals
Taking a look at when pages are allocated…SQL Server Myth on Clustered Index page allocation or B-Tree formation – LivingForSqlServer –
Workaround to columns_updated() limitation…How to find the right columns updated – Malathi’s Blog
Registry hack to manipulate trace options…Enabling additional tracing for data collector – Microsoft SQL Server Agent Team Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Future Proofing
Our meeting will be Friday at 11AM ET“…Using Google+ to Start a Hangout for #MCMPrep  SQLRockstar
Already past the halfway point, better hurry…http–

Geeks Wanna Have Fun
Friday Fun…. Anger Management pic…. 😀 #AngryBirds #TGIF
Android Game Slice-It  SQLAndy
The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes

What Say Ye?
Fillout this simple interview form…Andy Leonard SQLPeople Wants You!
Vote for your 5 preferences…PASS Summit 2011  Summit Content  Community Choice
Type entries for 9 categories by August 5th…SQL Server Magazine Community Choice Awards Nominations 2011 Survey
Vote for one of these 5 hard working DBAs…Exceptional DBA Awards 2011 – Vote

Skinning Cats
Run the report or run the SQL…SQL Server – Management Studio – Schema Changes History Report « Sql&Me
Another option to see permissions, fn_my_permissions…Effective Permissions on a Database
Five third party tools reviewed…SQL Server Performance Tools —
Example with DBCC and dm_os_performance_counters…Observing Log File size in SQL Server – Percentage Full of each log
A little on row sampling…Select random records using TABLESAMPLE clause
Six methods for checking for blockers…How to identify blocking in SQL Server 2005 and 2008

O is for oracle…The Big O « Humor Me a T-SQL Princess

202 slides like book of same title..Database Tuning: Principles, Experiments and Troubleshooting Techniques
33 minute audio podcast with mostly Denali talk..SQLServerGeeks interviews Dr. Greg Low

Zero Emission Denail
Feature to get the current version during install…“Product Update” in SQL Server code-named “Denali” – SQL Server Setup – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
Step-by-step of using AlwaysOn…How to Set Up SQL Server Denali Availability Groups  Brent Ozar PLF
Learn about the SQLPS host (notice not mini-shell)…Denali SQLPS First Impressions  Sev17
Odds and ends…SQL Server Denali CTP3–Lots of interesting resources – WesleyB’s Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
Detailed list…SQL Server Codename “Denali” CTP3 Resources « SQL Joe’s Blog
Simple download links…Davide Mauri SQL Server 2011 (Denali) CTP3 Download Links

Content Collage
Twenty-three submissions for #tsql2sday…T-SQL Tuesday #20 Wrap-up and a few smiles « TroubleshootingSQL
Eleven channel9 videos…SQL Server Denali Videos
Cool ics file for UK peeps…SSIS Junkie  Subscribable iCalendar for UK SQL Server events from John Sansom

SQL Surfing
SQL Server Denali Resource Center
SQL Solstice 1 The Dog Days of SQL

Family Gossip
Hear from the new product manager for SQL Server Manageability…Interview with our new whipping boy Adrian Bethune – SQL Server with Mr. Denny
Rebecca Mitchell published by SSWUG…My First Article! « Humor Me a T-SQL Princess

M$ Says
BOL (SQL.110)…Breaking Changes to Database Engine Features in SQL Server Denali
BOL (SQL.105)…sys.sysaltfiles (Transact-SQL)
KB (November 2, 2007)… Troubleshooting stored procedure recompilation

After being repeatedly warned
A newly found recompile cause…Stored procedure recompile caused by alter table on temp table – CSS SQL Server Engineers – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

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