Want to know which #sqlserver professionals have #google+ profiles? #sqlgplus

here are some useful lists about sql server professionals on google+

you can view or change this spreadsheethttp://bit.ly/sqlgplusedit
you can download/upload this rss feed opml file: http://bit.ly/sqlgplusfeed
you can add to these blog bookmarks using delicious and tag [sqlgplus]: http://bit.ly/sqlgplusblog
you can modify this google+ people directory with password “owner”: http://bit.ly/sqlgpluslist
you can make recommended changes to this twitter listhttp://bit.ly/sqlgplustweet
you can join this linkedin groupwww.bit.ly/sqlgplusgroup
you can read these sqlmvp profileshttp://bit.ly/sqlgplusmvp



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