[blog] What Should PASS Be? #sqlpass

The Challenge

@sqlandy posted a question along with a triple dog dare in his post titled What Should PASS Be? I Challenge You.  The post is less than 250 words, this post is of lesser value, so at least read that post first.

What I Want

I *am* sure these are not realistic expectations but they still help to draw an image, which was part one of the dare.

  1. PASS to be as lovable as the Shriners
  2. PASS to be as supportive as the Toastmasters
  3. PASS to be as organized as the Teamsters (minus any unwelcome criminal element)

What I Would Fix

This will sound like a copout to part two of the dare but I’m not being a chicken (no offense @SQLChicken).  There is nothing I would “fix”.  Why did Andy place it in quotes?  To me there is nothing “broken”.  PASS has smart, caring and loyal members at all levels.  If there are areas that need improvement I trust they will be improved when the time is right.  The only thing I think PASS needs is more of those inspiration people and with growth that too will come to PASS (I’m on a pun hot streak!).

Non-lip Service

To all the volunteers, the headquarters folks and members both outspoken and not, I am proud to be a PASS member and I hope you are as well.


If PASS is losing or alienating our inspirational people then we do have something to fix; something to fix quick, fast and in a hurry!

About Robert Matthew Cook

Hello, my name is Robert Matthew Cook. This blog is autoposted to from my main blog at www.sqlmashup.com. For more profile information or to leave a comment, please visit me there.
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