[blog] @sqlpass event 24 Hours of PASS: Celebrating Women in Technology #sqlpass #24hop

@sqlpass 24 Hours of PASS: Celebrating Women in Technology

@StrateSQL The Next 24 Hours of PASS
@NoelMcKinney 24 Hours of PASS in March
@eoszak 24 Hours of PASS – March 15-16 2011
@denglishbi 24 Hours of PASS Spring 2011
Indira Priyadarshini 24 Hours of PASS March Sessions Announced
Eric Moreau Another 24-hours of PASS coming in March
@SQLRockstar Upcoming 24 Hours of PASS
Cleveland DBA Women In Technology
@NPSammy 24 Hours of PASS 2011 – Celebrating Women in Technology
@SQLQuill 24 Hours of PASS going on now!
@tarunreflex Looking forward to 24 hours of PASS – The Professional Association for SQL Server
Anil Maharjan 24 Hours of PASS: Celebrating Women in Technology

March 15 Speakers
@SQLCindy 24HOP: SQL Server Performance Tools
@Datachix1 24 Hours of PASS — Cool Tricks to Pull from Your SSIS Hat
@Kendra_Little 24 Hours of Rad: 24HOP Spring 2011 Recap
@MidnightDBA 24 Hours of PASS Spring 2011 Code Sins
@StaciaMisner Multidimensional Thinking–24 Hours of Pass: Celebrating Women in Technology
@SQLintheWild Q & A from 24 Hours of PASS session

March 16 Speakers
@grrl_geek 24 Hours of PASS: Wrap-Up, Slides, Demos and High-Fives
@julielerman Links & Resources from 24HOP Presentation
@Datachix2 24 Hours of PASS – T-SQL Awesomeness Slides and Code
@BakseDoesBI Aaaaaaaaaaaand…SCENE!
@DataChick Webinar: 5 Physical Data Modeling Blunders and How to Avoid Them #24HOP 16 March

@SQLChicken 24 Hours of PASS: Day 1
@mvelic 24 Hours of PASS Recap (Spring 2011)
@NancyHidyWilson 24 Hours of PASS – Review
@heigesr2 This 24 Hours of PASS was “Different”

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